Tuesday, 29 March 2011

All About Eve


Tinggal xkurang dari 20 minit je lagi drama All About Eve akan ditayangkan di NTV7.. Tiba2 Miss Marsh teringat pulak time2 skola dulu.. Miss Marsh xb'kesempatan nak tgk drama ni sebab Miss Marsh ni dok hostel kan.. Skng ni baru la b'kesempatan nak tgk.. Buat pengetahuan semua,drama ni d'terbitkan pada tahun 2000.. Masa tu Miss Marsh baru darjah 6..Hihi.. Kat sini Miss Marsh nak share sikit tentang plot citer ni yang Miss Marsh perolehi dari wikipedia..

Sun Mi (Chae Rim) is a lovely college student who lives with her middle class widowed father. She has a happy childhood with her sort-of-boyfriend Woo Jin (Han Jae Suk). Life changes radically for Sun Mi when her father decides to support Young Mi (Kim So Yeon), a beautiful girl the same age as Sun Mi.
Young Mi suddenly becomes an orphan when her father, an alcoholic who frequently abused her, dies in an accident while working for Mr. Jin/Sun Mi's father's construction company. Young Mi has grown up in poverty, but she is not a humble person. She's arrogant, greedy and full of resentment. She envies Sun Mi for all she is and has, even Woo Jin's love.
Young Mi becomes Sun Mi's rival in every aspect of her life. First, Young Mi steals Woo Jin from Sun Mi, then tries to take over her job at a very important TV network and finally puts her eyes on Sun Mi's new boyfriend, Hyong Chul (Jang Dong Gun) one of the network's top executives, whom Sun Mi met during a trip to London. But Hyong Chul's love for Sun Mi is stronger than Young Mi's estimation. Meanwhile Woo Jin suffers of a broken heart as Young Mi makes his life miserable and finally dumps him so she can chase Hyong Chul. 
The climax of the plot comes when a former lover of Young Mi appears and threatens to reveal her deepest secret should she not return to him: a dark past as a prostitute. Since the mischievous gangster did not succeed in his attempts, he decides to kill Young Mi. Woo Jin dies while saving her life. However, all of Young Mi's treachery is exposed and she attempts to commit suicide, but her efforts are frustrated when she is found unconscious by a group of nuns on the shore of the Han River. When Young Mi wakes up she suffers amnesia and has lost almost all memory of her past. 
The drama ends with a happy reconciliation between Young Mi and Sun Mi, who cries beside Young Mi asking forgiveness for the misunderstanding between them since they met. Finally Hyong Chul swears eternal love and proposes to Sun Mi right in the middle of a street, asking her not to move to London.
Pada pendapat Miss Marsh la kan.. Drama ni memang best la dan sesuai d'tonton oleh semua lapisan masyarakat.. kat bawah ni antara pelakon2 yang berjaya melakonkan drama ni..

Kim So Yeon sebagai Huh Young Mi
Han Jae Suk sebagai Kim Woo Jin
Park Chae Rim sebagai Jin Sun Mi
Jang Dong Gun sebagai Yonn Hyong-chul


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